Privacy & Policy

by Ashnaam Mohamed Rashid is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. In this privacy statement we describe how we collect and manage your data. It describes all the data provided to us and our partners. We may use them for purposes as outlined in this privacy policy, or as stated before the collection of your data. The policy may change periodically so it is advised to our users to reread the privacy policy from time to time.


We may collect your information in order to improve overall user experience within our site. Data may also be used with our partners for them to be able to provide targeted marketing or advertisement for you.

We also use the data collected in order to improve the functionality of the site, or provide additional services to the user, these may include contacting you for customer services, sending of subscribed newsletters or any other information that may be of importance to you.

In special cases we reserve the right to disclose your information when we identify individuals infringing and violating our sites terms and conditions which may interfere with our rights, or the rights and privacy of our other users.

We remain committed to safeguarding your data and personal information. We do not share publicly your data, nor sell it to third parties. All care is taken for the security of your information, however we cannot guarantee full protection of all your information from circumstances out of our control, it is advised that information transferred is at your own risk, so all the safety precautions have to be taken.


We may collect location data of the user i.e. country, city or zip code. We collect such information from the users’ browser or devices which may contain unique identifiers or trackers. The geographical data is used to serve in content by Us and our partners relevant to you. If location or GPS settings are enabled from the device or browser, we will use them, the user is advised to check up on these features.


We use cookies to track your usage statistics. Cookies are small files that your computer stores inside the browser to provide to store sessions or your usage statistics. Through the use of cookies we are able to see and track how users use the site and to help improve it through the observation of patterns and user trends. We also use cookies to help bring relevant advertisements to you and tailor content. Cookies stored expire after sometime based on its use.


For the improvement of our services we may collect information from a URL that a user clicks on while in our site, or URL that a user is coming from. We may also store in our servers your computers IP address and the device that was used for access to our services.

Messages and correspondences done using our systems are stored, this may include messages to other users or our representatives. The data may be stored in files that are unique to you as the user and may not be provided to third parties.


We provide you with ways in which you control your information, in the event that the information available to us is incorrect or incomplete, the user can contact us for the amendment or removal of the information from our records and databases. This will follow strictly in accordance to our privacy policy, terms and conditions and, or the rights of us or our partners.

Unless provided directly, the data you provided to us for use in our ad services cannot be linked directly to you as they are randomized, data that may be used or available may be your IP address or mac address based on the device that was used to access our services.

The information collected and used by our third-party partners may be governed using their own privacy statement. You are advised to check up on third-party privacy policy as theirs is not tied with our own privacy policy.

When you make information public, other third party may view and have access to it through the means of data mining or scrapping. We as a site may have little or no control of the data publicly available from blogs or forums.


The site is not intended for children under the age of fourteen, the data collected in the site are believed to be from adults. In the event that it is discovered that children data has been collected, all measures will be taken to ensure that the data is deleted from our databases.


Our site may provide links for products or services from our partners or third parties. They may request data directly from you, or provide other links that ask for your data. The user is advised to do due diligence and read the different terms and conditions and a privacy policy that accompanies these services.


We store all your information in secure servers and ensure that proper precautions have been taken to safeguard its integrity and health. We work together to ensure that your information is safe, you are advised to ensure that passwords that you may create or are provided with is safe.

Even though all is taken care of, there is no guarantee that your personal information may be safe from hackers or corruption.


If you would like some clarification on our site privacy policy, you can contact us to get more information on what you may want to know.