Tottenham Hotspur’s European Football Journey

by Ashnaam Mohamed Rashid

Consistently appearing in the UEFA champions league, Premier league title contenders, but Tottenham hotspurs journey to become a European great is miles away to its destiny.

Juventus came to Wembley looking for a win to take them to the Quarter finals of the competition. Spurs had performed well in Turin to take a draw and many people thought they were in pole position proceed especially after going ahead at half time. But mid way in the second half Juventus scored two in a time frame of around five minutes. Spurs were bowing out in the contest.

Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala are a crop seldom found at Tottenham training grounds. Masters in capitalizing opportunities. They looked to be struggling for opportunities in that match but when they got them they scored two against the One they conceded. Their opponents were unable to produce similar quality themselves. And they lost.

Tottenham over rely on Kane. He Score lots of goals in domestic matches but i have never thought his ability is immense enough to prevail in football outside England. Yes he scored and they were on top over the two legs against Real Madrid, but the cup holders were not in top form early on in the season. That was also evidenced in the European Championship when England lost to Iceland.

The biggest players buy the best players from all over the world and that seem the method they must use to go to the top. The new stadium will be a new dawn. I am not sure whether it will provide the commercial might to be spent on shipping A list talent to the team.

The journey to top tier football look a mission that will not be realized soon. They need to grow the brand to be bigger, pay higher wages to retain players and Improve the quality by introducing new players. That seem to be when there will be louder mentions of them among football aristocrats.


Ashnaam Mohamed Rashid

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