Kenya Football Solution

by Ashnaam Mohamed Rashid

The development of the Kenyan football is seen to lag behind as compared to that from counterparts
within the region and this points a lot to lack of commitment from both investors and fans. To imagine
that Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards have now become a shell of their former selves is disgusting to say the
least and this points to a worrying trend that may lead to a sudden death of the former East African
football giants.

The past 20 years have seen a serious mismanagement of club's resources and to even think of the
financial woes facing the Kenyan clubs one would wonder what happened to revenues clubs were
making in the early 90s. Local football clubs have over the last two decades failed to come up with self-
sustaining programs that effectively utilize and invest the little earnings they have been making from the
regular football seasons. This failure points to corruption and mismanagement of funds that has left the
Kenyan football clubs at the mercy of well-wishers who are called upon to a point of sponsoring locally
based fixtures.

The clubs’ stint in the continental stage is also staggering with perfect examples of the Gor Mahia’s
travel woes to honor a continental fixture that saw the team stranded at an airport and thus having to
compromise on their pre match preparations. These shortcomings have made sure that the club’s spell
at the continental stage does not get anywhere past the group stages. Lack of adequate preparations,
poor player motivation and club wrangles point to an unstructured approach to football management in
the country. The same old guards have been in place running the Kenyan football scene for the past two
decades and its time a fresh approach to football management for self-sustenance is put in place.
Stakeholders and sponsors in the KPL have since fallen out with the league due to its slow development.

A diligent investor would not want to put his or her money in a sport that does not show growth year in
year out. The Kenyan clubs need to come with sustainable strategies that ensure they commandeer a
great fan base from the grassroots especially with devolution signaling mushrooming of local stadia.
It has come to a time that football clubs need to wake up reorganize their houses for the betterment of
the sport in this country.

We can demand so much from the government but if we are not ready for club’s development within ourselves so much will be lost. Football is just like any business venture that needs to be run with utmost financial discipline and self-sustainable plans and this can only be achieved if club members and owners take it upon themselves to develop the sport in the country. Clubs will not be able to attract lucrative sponsorship deals if the management do not put their feet on the ground and address the issues derailing the development of sports in this country.


Ashnaam Mohamed Rashid

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